About Our Founder

ECO-PGC (Explore Career Options – Prince George’s County), formerly known as Career Options PGC, is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in April 2015 by Dr. Mildred Charles, a Board-Certified Coach who specializes in Career Coaching.

After receiving calls from concerned parents who wanted her to work with their teenager and young adult, Dr. Charles conducted her own research to identify the problem and determine if there was a need. She wanted to know if the four-year college route was the only pathway that leads to middle-class success.


To her surprise, she came across alarming statistics that showed how the national college completion crisis was (and still is) affecting minority students. Determined to do something about it, Dr. Charles started hosting an annual Career Options Conference to help Prince Georgian’s start a long overdue conversation about postsecondary options.


With the help of her strategic partners, the Career Options Conference is now attended by hundreds of youth, parents and county residents. The conference objectives are to: 1) help youth (ages 16-24) and parents explore career options beyond high-school and 2) showcase career related programs, resources and services designed to help them succeed.

Although Dr. Charles encourages and believes pursuing a college education is important, she no longer believes that college should be approached as a one-size fits all. She is passionate about spreading her message that “There are multiple pathways beyond high-school that lead to success” so that all youth, regardless of income, status or background can succeed. 


Join us in our effort to make a difference because having only one option is like having no option at all.