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About Career and College Matters

The purpose of Career and College Matters Show and Podcast is to address important topics surrounding today’s career and college concerns. Our goal is to inform, empower and inspire students, young adults and their parents with information that will help them discover and achieve true academic and career success. 

Career and College Matters is branded content intended to support the work of ECO-PGC (Explore Career Options – Prince George’s County), a not-for-profit organization in Maryland dedicated to helping young people explore their options beyond high school. 


About Our Host Dr. Mildred Charles

Dr. Mildred Charles is the Founder and Executive Director of ECO-PGC and has worked as a communication professor, consultant and trainer since 2006. She volunteers her time to host and produce The Career and College Matters Show and Podcast as an act of service.  


After suffering a series of traumatic life events, Dr. Charles embarked on a 12-year academic journey that left her feeling empty, fearful and confused. She learned through personal experience and extensive research that although a college education is important and encouraged, it is not the only pathway that leads to (or even guarantees) success.  


As a result, she developed a passion and commitment to helping people, especially young people get the information they need to make important decisions about their futures. She believes her message about exploring career options continues to hold true now that the Covid-19 global pandemic has changed the face of education and the workplace. 

Join Dr. Charles in her effort to help spread the word that: 

There are multiple pathways beyond high school that lead to success.   

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