6. Work at a Family Business
After working hard to find their first job, some young people continue to struggle in the workplace. can struggle For an increasing number of American youth, entering the work force is far more challenging that they might expect.  Here is a list of resources for young jobseekers who are ready to enter the workforce. 

A short article about the . Wright sisters who view working with their siblings as a definite blessing. They offer four tips for starting and leading a successful family business. This article was published in the Forbes magazine, an American business magazine.

This article gives practical advice about what to do if family is involved in your startup venture, why it’s important to be clear up front about compensation, exit plans and other details before they become a problem.

Family-owned firms make up between 80 and 90 percent of businesses in America. This article is about How the Younger Generation is Taking On Family Businesses

Dealing with employees on a personal level can wreak havoc in a small or family-owned business. Here's how you can keep from making some common missteps.

This article deals with some important things to consider before partnering with a sibling or hiring a family member.

The Balance Small Business makes launching and managing your own business easy. It is home to experts who provide clear, practical advice on entrepreneurship and management.

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